Episode 7

July 29, 2021


A Developer, A Designer And An Architect

A Developer, A Designer And An Architect
The Integrated Home
A Developer, A Designer And An Architect

Show Notes

For this show, we're talking to Peter Warren from EAB Homes, Vanessa Leyland from Vanessa Leyland Interiors and David Field from TFF Architects to find out what developers, designers and architects think of our industry. 

What do they understand about home integration and the services we provide and what would they like us to do differently or better? 

This talk was produced by CEDIA and first broadcast as a webinar as part of ISE Digital 2021. Our thanks to both CEDIA and Integrated Systems Europe for their support.

We're grateful also to our series partners AWE Europe, Sony and Distributed by Meridian for their backing. We support Together For Cinema.

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