Episode 1

January 12, 2023


The Year Ahead

The Year Ahead
The Integrated Home
The Year Ahead

Jan 12 2023 | 00:28:35


Show Notes

Presenter Shereen Russell talks with Katy Bradshaw and Barry Sheldrick from podcast partner, Distributed By Meridian (DbM), in this New Year edition to kick off our sixth series.

Katy and Barry look forward to the year ahead for the brands DbM represents and the prospects for more industry growth in 2023. 

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Episode 9

October 01, 2019

Integrators, Consultants and Project Managers

This show explores the roles of integrators, consultants and project managers on a connected home project. We have a representative from each profession to help us take a closer look with Dan Eades from integrator, Environ, Davy Currie from consultants, Infracore, and project manager, Ricky West from Regency Grove. How do these relationships work? What benefits do the disciplines bring to a project? And, is the dynamic more about collaboration or confrontation? We’re in the thick of Awards season, so we’ll also be checking out how you can the most of a statement project. Dan is put under the spotlight in our Hot Seat Q&A to tell us the best part of being an integrator and reveal which celebrity he is most often mistaken for. This episode is recorded in the Lutron Experience Centre in London. Our thanks to them and also to pod partners Meridian, AWE and Sony for their support in making the Integrated Home series possible. We back Together For Cinema – to find out more, visit www.togetherforcinema.co.uk. ...



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Episode 4

April 19, 2019

Inside The Home Network Plus The IMAX Enhanced Interview

With the help of Custom Electronic Design's Nick Moore and Nicolai Landschultz of integration firm, IndigoZest, we explore the home network. How important is the network to the experiences we create for customers? Where are the business opportunities and what training is out there that can help you deliver robust networks for your customers? And, how should you deal with that frequently asked question: isn’t everything wireless these days? We also hear from Nicolai, a Copenhagen native, on what he thinks is the best, 'must-see', TV drama box set to come out of Denmark in recent years. Spoiler alert: it's not "The Killing"! As IMAX Enhanced makes its European demonstration debut, Gabriel Cosgrave, General Manager, Europe at Xperi joins us from the company's European HQ in Ireland to reveal what's behind this new technology. He explains how IMAX Enhanced will help your customers get the most out of their home entertainment and where you can go to experience it for yourself. This show is recorded in the excellent Reference Cinema of pod supporter, AWE in Epsom. The Integrated Home supports Together For Cinema – to find out more, visit www.togetherforcinema.co.uk. The Integrated Home is sponsored by Meridian Audio. ...



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Episode 13

September 30, 2020

Us, Them, Together

For this show, we’re talking home technology integrators and electrical contractors. Where are the overlaps and what are the points of difference? Where and why are there conflicts? And, how can the two professions both succeed in the connected home space and benefit each other? We're joined by Gabi Hughes, a home technology integrator and CEDIA member who started out as a qualified electrician, and Andrew Royall from CEDIA member company, Eclectic Home Technology. The Integrated Home Podcast is supported by Ring X Line, Distributed by Meridian, AWE Europe and Sony. We are a Wildwood production and we support Together for Cinema. ...