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The Integrated Home

“The Integrated Home” examines the home integration business. Every episode speaks to business owners, technicians and industry insiders who understand the challenges and the opportunities facing those working in the professional smart home space. Guests...more

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Episode 12

August 31, 2020

Cracking The Mass Market

In this episode, presented first as an Integrated Home podcast webinar back in June 2020, we invite four integrators, Andy Bell of Trusted Technology, Naim Cohen of NGC Systems, Adam Raymond of PRZM and Inspire AV’s, Ben Davies to share their thoughts and ideas on how home technology professionals can broaden their appeal to consumers in a post-COVID-19 world. How do integrators engage customers, what technologies appeal to them and why does it pay to think long-term? This episode can also be viewed as a webinar here: https://wildwoodpr.com/what-we-do/virtual-events-package/webinars/cracking-the-mass-market/ We are a Wildwood production. ...



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Episode 11

July 31, 2020

Managing Clients

In this episode, we’re joined by Katie Sparrevohn, Managing Director of London and Surrey AV Solutions, and Durgesh Sinh, top man at Nucleus, to talk about clients. How do you deal with them and the voices that have influence over them? What are the challenges integrators face? And, how can professional home technology firms manage budgets, projects and clients to get the best results? We're supported by Meridian Audio, AWE Europe and Sony. The Integrated Home Podcast is a Wildwood production. ...



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Episode 10

June 16, 2020

Inside Mulberry House

We take an in-depth look at Mulberry House, a luxury six-bedroom, new-build home in Buckinghamshire and winner of a Best Residential Property Award in the 2019 International Property Awards. Co-presenters, Shereen Russell and Jeff Hayward are joined by Peter Warren, Director of EAB Homes, the developer behind this amazing project, and Rob Garrett from integration firm, ARP Smart Homes, to help us understand and explore the design, installation and marketing challenges they both faced. We also find out how EAB Homes changed from cycnic to technology advocate as a result of their experience on this project. This show is supported by Meridian Audio, AWE Europe and Sony. We are a Wildwood production. ...



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Episode 9

May 27, 2020


For this episode, we're talking collaboration. How should home integrators work with developers, clients and other trades? What are the challenges of working collaboratively? What happens when it goes well, and what's wrong when it doesn’t? In the company of Joe Carri, Commercial Director at Prestige Audio and Chris Thorne, Director of residential control and integration specialists, Imperium Building Systems, we explore how collaboration can work for the benefit of everybody, especially the client. This show is supported by Meridian Audio, AWE Europe and Sony. We are a Wildwood production. ...



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Episode 8

May 15, 2020

COVID-19 Views From Suppliers

In this episode, we're joined by Stuart Tickle, MD of AWE Europe and Barry Sheldrick, Sales Director of Meridian Audio. We find out the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on suppliers, look at how they're supporting customers during the current crisis and ask how they see the post-pandemic world for home technology integration. What will be the learnings, the challenges and the opportunities? This episode was recorded on 29th April 2020. ...



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Episode 7

April 24, 2020

COVID-19 Business Survival Options

In this emergency episode, we look at the financial choices for integrators who are dealing with projects on pause, a vanishing pipeline and bills to pay. Luke Desmond, CEO of Crisp Accountancy, is our special guest to talk us through the grants and loans available and the practical steps businesses should take to access to them. Crisp Accountancy specialise in the provision of advice to SMEs in the smart home integration sector. The Integrated Home is a Wildwood production. ...