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“The Integrated Home” examines the home integration business. Every episode speaks to business owners, technicians and industry insiders who understand the challenges and the opportunities facing those working in the professional smart home space. Guests draw on their own, very real experiences to share their thoughts and ideas on what's happening now, the business trends that matter and what's important to build and maintain a successful integration business. For an informative and entertaining perspective on the home integration business, tune into "The Integrated Home", brought to you by [Alfi Media]( and [Wildwood](, the people who connect the professional home integration community.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Improving Audio In Home Cinemas

    How can integrators improve the audio experience in home cinemas? Ben Goff from Cinema Lusso talks us through the areas that get under his skin with advice on how we, as an industry, can do it better.  We're grateful to our series partners AWE Europe, Sony and Distributed by Meridian for ...


  2. Human-Centric Lighting

    In this episode, we talk human-centric lighting with Hugo Fitzjohn, industry consultant at Filbert Square, and Mark Illingworth, Managing Director at Robinsons Integrated Systems.   What is human-centric lighting? How relevant is it in the home technology space and how far is it a realistic business opportunity for integrators? We're grateful to ...


  3. Showcasing Home Technology

    We take a deeper look at how integrators are showcasing the smart home experience to potential clients in this episode.   We spend time with Tony Edwards from JOOCED and Alan Matthews from Automated Spaces as we learn about two very different approaches to the challenge of how integrators sell what our ...


  4. A Developer, A Designer And An Architect

    For this show, we're talking to Peter Warren from EAB Homes, Vanessa Leyland from Vanessa Leyland Interiors and David Field from TFF Architects to find out what developers, designers and architects think of our industry.  What do they understand about home integration and the services we provide and what would they ...


  5. Becoming A More Sustainable Business

    The twin crises of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss are the most serious issues of our time. So, what can, or should, home technology companies be doing to be more sustainable and what steps can be taken to address the climate emergency? In this discussion we're joined by Alex Josling ...