Episode 12

December 30, 2021


What Can We Learn From the US?

What Can We Learn From the US?
The Integrated Home
What Can We Learn From the US?

Dec 30 2021 | 00:36:53


Show Notes

This industry began life in the US.

It's still the biggest, single territory for professional home integration so what can we learn from what's going on there?

We talk to John Sciacca a respected industry journalist and influencer, as well as a Principal at home integration company, Custom Theater And Audio in South Carolina, to find out about the trends driving his business. 

We're grateful to our series partners AWE Europe, Sony and Distributed by Meridian for their backing. We support Together For Cinema. 


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Tackling Mental Ill Health

Home integration can be an incredibly rewarding industry but also a pretty stressful one. Many integrators work on their own or in small businesses where it’s difficult to find a work-life balance, especially with work on-site often demanding long hours away from home and meeting high client expectations. Uncertainties arising from the pandemic have made things worse. At least half a million more people in the UK may experience mental ill health as a result of COVID-19, says a forecast from The Centre for Mental Health, and that’s likely to rise even higher after the second lockdown. Meanwhile, another survey found that 73% of all building and construction workers feel that their employers did not understand or recognise the early signs of poor mental health, or offer any support. So, what can be done to manage our health and well-being for the better? The Integrated Home Podcast is supported by Ring X Line, Distributed by Meridian, AWE Europe and Sony. We are a Wildwood production and we support Together for Cinema. ...



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In the warm and comfortable surroundings of the cinema showroom that belongs to Bespoke Home Cinemas in the fine city of Leeds, we're joined by Mel and Giff Malcolm, the husband and wife team behind Bespoke Home Cinemas, and from across the Pennines, we have Oliver Hall from CEDIA award winning firm, Ultamation. Together, we explore the question of image rights and passing off. What happens if you find that a photo of one of your installations has popped up on the website of another integrator, with the implication that it's their work and not yours? What are your options to put a stop to this kind of disreputable behaviour? We’ll also be looking at another problem area for professional home integrators - recruitment. How do you bring new blood into the industry? What attracts the right people and where do those employees of the future come from? Does short-term collaboration work if you want to scale up for larger projects to deliver a professional solution for your client? The Integrated Home supports Together For Cinema – to find out more, visit www.togetherforcinema.co.uk. Sponsored by Meridian Audio, The Integrated Home is a Wildwood and Alfi Media Production. ...



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We take a deeper look at how integrators are showcasing the smart home experience to potential clients in this episode.   We spend time with Tony Edwards from JOOCED and Alan Matthews from Automated Spaces as we learn about two very different approaches to the challenge of how integrators sell what our industry provides. Join us at the JOOCED Experience Centre in Rugby and then at the Automated Spaces show home in Melton Mowbray to find out more. This episode was produced with the help of Steve Carter from CEDIA. We're grateful also to our series partners AWE Europe, Sony and Distributed by Meridian for their backing. We support Together For Cinema. ...