Episode 9

October 19, 2023


Home Technology And Well-Being

Home Technology And Well-Being
The Integrated Home
Home Technology And Well-Being

Oct 19 2023 | 00:34:02


Show Notes

Health and wellness continue to be top priorities in residential design, according to the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). ASID’s 2023 Trends Outlook report identifies a growth towards holistic healthy living, and interior design that addresses both the mind and body. As part of this evolution, what role does home technology have to play in delivering a comfortable, healthier and mood-enhancing lifestyle at home?

In this episode, we talk to two CEDIA integrators, Damien Smith of New Wave AV and Abby Fox of LC-AV for their thoughts on how re-framing the conversation on technology can bring business benefits. 

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