Episode 5

April 09, 2020


COVID-19 The Integrator Mindset

COVID-19 The Integrator Mindset
The Integrated Home
COVID-19 The Integrator Mindset

Apr 09 2020 | 00:24:15


Show Notes

In the second of our COVID-19 special episodes, we talk to Inspire AV's Ben Davies, also the man behind the Smarthomee Group on Facebook, to find out about the impact of the lockdown on integrators and their business. What should be the integrator's mindset? What steps can be taken to help you survive the current situation? And how can you spend your time productively to make sure you're in the best place for the upturn when it does arrive? Ben shares his thoughts with honesty and characteristic good humour, and also speaks openly about the positives integrators can find in the current situation. The Integrated Home is a Wildwood production.

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