Episode 4

April 29, 2021


Window Treatments

Window Treatments
The Integrated Home
Window Treatments

Show Notes

In this episode we take a look at window treatments, an area of the home integration industry that continues to see rapid expansion. How do you get started? What are the challenges? And how important can window treatments be to your integration business? To answer these questions, we're joined by two integrators at the top of their game in this sector - Andy Lloyd from Webstract and Agus Murray from New Wave AV. Thanks to our series supporters AWE, Sony and Distributed by Meridian. We support Together For Cinema. We are a Wildwood production.

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Episode 2

February 25, 2021

Big Cinema, Small Space

In Big Cinema, Small Space, Jools Browning from CEDIA Member of Excellence, BrownHen Solutions, and Barry Sheldrick, Sales Director of Meridian Audio, take us on a deep technical dive into a very special project - the conversion of a compact downstairs room into a knockout, ten-seater cinema. What design and engineering skills are needed? How should the room be treated? And how does Meridian Room Correction elevate the home cinema experience in this type of project? This episode is an edited audio-only version of a webinar first broadcast in the Summer of 2020. You can find that full webinar here: https://wildwoodpr.com/what-we-do/virtual-events-package/webinars/big-cinema-small-space-how-to-do-it/ Thanks to our supporters DbM, AWE Europe, Sony and Ring. We support Together For Cinema. The Integrated Home is a Wildwood production. ...



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Episode 10

November 12, 2019

Working With Architects and Designers

Educating the design build community is one of the core components of CEDIA’s three-year strategy. In this episode, we're joined by Alex Josling from Seven Integration and Tas Kyriacou of IDS to find out how they connect with these audiences. What’s the attraction of working with design build professionals? What are the challenges and what resources are out there to help you get in front of them and be successful? Both Alex and Tas tell us about their visit to the Smart Home Summit in London. Where are DIY and retail brands at in terms of their smart home thinking and what role is there in their world for home technology integrators? Alex also puts Tas under the spotlight in our Hot Seat Q&A to find out what he'd be doing if he weren't an integrator, amongst other things. This episode is recorded in the Performance Cinema at AWE’s Alexander House HQ. Thanks to pod partners Meridian, AWE and Sony for their support in making this show possible. ...



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Episode 13

September 30, 2020

Us, Them, Together

For this show, we’re talking home technology integrators and electrical contractors. Where are the overlaps and what are the points of difference? Where and why are there conflicts? And, how can the two professions both succeed in the connected home space and benefit each other? We're joined by Gabi Hughes, a home technology integrator and CEDIA member who started out as a qualified electrician, and Andrew Royall from CEDIA member company, Eclectic Home Technology. The Integrated Home Podcast is supported by Ring X Line, Distributed by Meridian, AWE Europe and Sony. We are a Wildwood production and we support Together for Cinema. ...