Episode 15

November 26, 2020


Tackling Mental Ill Health

Tackling Mental Ill Health
The Integrated Home
Tackling Mental Ill Health

Nov 26 2020 | 00:45:57


Show Notes

Home integration can be an incredibly rewarding industry but also a pretty stressful one. Many integrators work on their own or in small businesses where it’s difficult to find a work-life balance, especially with work on-site often demanding long hours away from home and meeting high client expectations. Uncertainties arising from the pandemic have made things worse. At least half a million more people in the UK may experience mental ill health as a result of COVID-19, says a forecast from The Centre for Mental Health, and that’s likely to rise even higher after the second lockdown. Meanwhile, another survey found that 73% of all building and construction workers feel that their employers did not understand or recognise the early signs of poor mental health, or offer any support. So, what can be done to manage our health and well-being for the better? The Integrated Home Podcast is supported by Ring X Line, Distributed by Meridian, AWE Europe and Sony. We are a Wildwood production and we support Together for Cinema.

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