Episode 7

August 02, 2019


Home Cinema Special

Home Cinema Special
The Integrated Home
Home Cinema Special

Aug 02 2019 | 00:45:35


Show Notes

Home cinema is the focus of this episode, recorded in front of a live audience at the Sony screening room in Basingstoke. We take a look at the fundamentals of home cinema and media room design in the company of two champions of the experieince, Ian Bolt from Custom Sight & Sound and CEDIA award-winning integrator and judge, Guy Singleton of Imagine This. How is business changing for integrators and what's important for customers today? We're also joined by Chris Mullins from Sony for news on projector technology and insights into how these advances impact upon the business of room design and installation. Thanks to pod partners, Sony and AWE, for their support in making this show possible. The Integrated Home is also sponsored by Meridian Audio. We support Together For Cinema – to find out more, visit www.togetherforcinema.co.uk.

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