Episode 2

February 25, 2021


Big Cinema, Small Space

Big Cinema, Small Space
The Integrated Home
Big Cinema, Small Space

Feb 25 2021 | 00:47:26


Show Notes

In Big Cinema, Small Space, Jools Browning from CEDIA Member of Excellence, BrownHen Solutions, and Barry Sheldrick, Sales Director of Meridian Audio, take us on a deep technical dive into a very special project - the conversion of a compact downstairs room into a knockout, ten-seater cinema. What design and engineering skills are needed? How should the room be treated? And how does Meridian Room Correction elevate the home cinema experience in this type of project? This episode is an edited audio-only version of a webinar first broadcast in the Summer of 2020. You can find that full webinar here: https://wildwoodpr.com/what-we-do/virtual-events-package/webinars/big-cinema-small-space-how-to-do-it/ Thanks to our supporters DbM, AWE Europe, Sony and Ring. We support Together For Cinema. The Integrated Home is a Wildwood production.

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